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1306 Mercantile Dr., Highland IL


Combating Cancer

Whether you are currently fighting cancer or in remission, we offer a personalized program to help enable your body increase natural killer cells and help develop a robust immune system in an effort to help prevent cancer recurrence, fight existing cancer and optimize over all health and wellness.  

Having cancer can be a full time job and we will do anything we can to lessen the burden on both the patient and patient's family.  We know that conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the mainstays of treatment, but these life-saving treatments can cause havoc within the body.  Our job is to support you in every aspect of the fight by optimizing the effects of conventional treatment, and adding integrative methods designed to optimize nutrition, boost the immune system and decrease the debilitating side effects of chemo, radiation and surgery. We also have several resources to help you decrease stress, maintain energy, encourage emotional well being peace.  

We want to help you lessen the burden of fighting this disease on the patient and the patient's family.  We are here for you.