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1306 Mercantile Dr., Highland IL


Whether it's feeling better or looking better we've got you covered! 


We have several services to help you attain the health and wellness ‚Äčyou strive for and look great while doing it!

Click on the pic below to see info about each of the services

Health &




*** If you choose a home health visit, please know that a minimum $20.00 surcharge may apply if not within the city of Highland.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine looks at  interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic disease.  We used a very personalized approach and work with you to develop a plan of care that addresses your special needs to find the root cause of your issues.

Aesthetic Services

Let's face it ( no pun intended), we all want to look and feel our best!  Getting older doesn't mean you have to look older.  We have several aesthetic services including Xeomin, Botox, fillers and microneedling to help you look your absolute best!

 Keri Douglas, MSN, FNP-bc, CFMP

Hello, My name is Keri.   I am a board certified nurse practitioner with a specialization in family medicine.  My experience includes telemetry (cardiac), emergency medicine, family medicine, medical aesthetics and of course, functional medicine. I have been practicing functional medicine and medical aesthetics for the past 3 years after obtaining certification and will soon be completing a second 2 year certification.  

 I developed a passion for functional medicine after struggling with my own health issues, not getting answers and watching my mom battle cancer (and all of the treatment that entails). I was looking for answers that traditional medicine wasn't giving and I found them in functional medicine. There is a better way!  

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